Greenhouse Winter Minis

**Weather info**
Please not I will make any final calls for weather the day of, since you are inside a greenhouse snow & rain are not a big concern. I do suggest having an umbrella to get from parking to the greenhouse in case of rain though. If any sessions need to be cancelled I would contact you via email. I have spoken with the owner about alternative dates I could rent the space out and while there is weekday availability the only other weekend date is Dec 18th.


6974 Wellington Road 124
Maryhill ON N1H6J4

Sessions are back to back, so please ensure you give yourself enough time to park and have your family ready to go!

12:30 pm – Karen
12:50 pm – Jaime
1:10 pm – Karla R.
1:30 pm – Jennifer
1:50 pm – Noosh D
2:10 pm – Jane
2:30 pm – Rebecca Y.
2:50 pm –
3:10 pm – Nicole K.
3:30 pm – Tanya
3:50 pm – Jordanna
4:10 pm – Courtney
4:30 pm – Tania

What to wear?

It always looks great when you coordinate your outfits, and don’t forget your shoes because they will be showing up in these shots!

Here’s a link with a few ideas if you’re not sure:

If you have young kids, it’s sometimes a good idea to bring along a few snacks just in case they aren’t in their happiest moods! Please try to empty your pockets before the session of phones, keys, wallets etc. as those items will show up in the shots, there will be a table beside the greenhouse you can set anything down on it.

If you need to reach me once I’ve started shooting calling will be the fastest, or by text (519-502-5483)

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